"I decided to do cryotherapy. It was the best decision I have made in my life"

 I decided to do cryotherapy

"With three children to raise on her own, Liljana’s health was the last thing on her mind but she could no longer ignore the feeling that something was wrong.

Through speaking to her friends, she learnt about the Albanian Centre of Population and Development (ACDP) clinic. “First, I had the gynaecological visit and after that, for 1 minute, the doctor did the VIA test. The response was immediate, but positive. I was so scared. The doctor was able to calm me down by explaining everything very simply. Everything was going to be all right because this disease was 100% curable.”

Liljana underwent treatment for two weeks, but the results of the test were still positive. The doctor suggested cryotherapy. “I decided to do cryotherapy, which is very simple and very comfortable. It was the best decision I have made in my life. After two years, I am completely recovered. I am very grateful to the ACDP clinic, they saved my life.”


 Story originally published on www.ippf.org