'They wanted to have an abortion, they didn't know where to turn.'

Catriona Henchion, abortion rights Ireland, repeal the 8th amendment

Abortion and the referendum in Ireland 

Dr Catriona Henchion, Medical Director, IFPA

As a doctor I heard so many stories of how abortion law in Ireland caused problems for women. At the IFPA we gathered those stories into different groups, and when we came to be asked for evidence, we realized we had gathered so much through our normal clinical work.

We had stories from women who had problems in earlier pregnancies and were afraid to go through another or had been told it wouldn't be safe to be pregnant again. They wanted to have an abortion, they didn't know where to turn.

For us it was difficult trying to look after those women. From a medical perspective we had to ensure they had enough medical information about their own history to be treated safely and to assess the best place for them to go where they would be looked after. And all of this without our being allowed to make an appointment on their behalf or calling the doctor in England that would be treating them. Because that was forbidden under the law.