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Dina was just 15 years old when she married her husband, and 16 years old when she had her first child. “It was young. Getting married at this age is bad, because you are still a child,” she says, sitting ...
Following years of campaigning and perseverance, a seismic change in public opinion on abortion had taken place. With the 8th amendment now repealed, Ireland’s Government has committed to delivering legislation which legalizes abortion care on a woman’s own indication in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.
Irish Labour Senator, Ivana Bacik, discusses her involvement in the fight for reproductive freedom in Ireland.
Dr. Catriona Henchion speaks out about her experiences providing care to women when abortion was not an option.
Maeve Taylor, Director of Advocacy and Communications at the Irish Family Planning Association, talks about shifting conversation on abortion care away from the political realm.
Áine Kavanagh, who works as Advocacy and Communications Assistant at the Irish Family Planning Association, talks about being a young person in a rapidly changing Ireland.
Director of Counselling at the Irish Family planning Association, Maura Leahy, describes the difficulties of abortion counselling in the context of Ireland's Information Act, which restricted the information that could be provided to women seeking abortion care.
Longtime activist for reproductive freedom, Catherine Forde, recalls campaigning for abortion care in Ireland in the 1980s.
Chief Executive of the Irish Family Planning Association, Niall Behan, remembers Ireland's movement for reproductive freedom during the abortion rights referendum last year.
Policy Officer at the Irish Family Planning Association, Alison Spillane, discusses the 'yes' side's landslide win in Ireland's abortion rights referendum.